Baby gots da blues

So, the boy has finger paints. Who knew the boy had figured out how to get in the paint box AND how to open the paints? Silly mommy left the room for, I swear to you, less than 4 minutes. I came back to a blue child. Somehow, in under five minutes, he’d become a Pict. Or Mel Gibson. Either way, he was blue.

To cap off the blues experience, as we were leaving the game room to go wash the blue off, Aretha Franklin came on PBS. And the Boy said “Wait, WAIT!” And I said, “what?”. He replied…”Queen of Soul! I wants to see the Queen of Soul!” Now, you and I know that Aretha is the Queen of Soul…but how on earth did my 2 year old, know that she is, indeed, the Q of S? (Although, ya know, to give him props…he *did* have the blues…all over him.)

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