God damn it all to hell

My credit card numbers have somehow been released into the wild. Thank gods that I’m one of the people that check my online statements and was able to catch it before the numbers hit commas…but the fact remains that I had to cancel my credit cards, which is just going to royally fuck up my life for a few weeks. Plus, I can’t figure out how they got out there.

Has anyone else seen fraudulent charges from Sykpe.net, handango or Pluto Data show up on their credit card bills? If so, let’s try and figure out what vendors/merchants/sites we may have in common, so we can track down who’s database has been hacked.

My list of suspects include: Netflix, Amazon, 1&1.com, Blizzard, Sony, and Yahoo shopping. Netflix is my biggest suspect, since the charges started rolling in just days after I signed up.

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