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This is just un-freaking-real. You know, when I was studying bioethics in grad school, one of the excuses I made to myself when I wandered away from it was that “Good lord, how many bioethicists can the country possibly need?” Apparently, more than we have, judging from the sheer lack of them that media people, congresscritters and courts have called.

I have had a living will since Texas mandated the procedure of postmortem prenatal ventilation…and as comfortable as I am making this decision for myself, I would still prefer that, in a case like Mrs. Schiavo, someone just put a bubble in my IV, or send me off to Happy Opium World than allowing biology to take it’s course. Cause, frankly…I’m a coward…and I like drugs. :)

And therein lies the very mimetic brilliance of the congresscritters and current regime. This case has been framed so as to make people fear the death process, but not consider the ramifications of the feeding tube. And as long as Rush and his ilk keep pounding on the “starvation is a painful way to die” meme…well, we’re going to keep seeing the complete overthrow of our Constitution in the names of carefully selected victims.

Notice that none of the pundits who want to protect Mrs. Schiavo have mentioned that the courts have found over and over again that she told multiple people that she wouldn’t want to live, were she in this position.

Nor have the people throwing accusations that the husband is “in it for the settlement” bothered to do the research and realize that he hasn’t had control of the money since 1998 when he petitioned the courts to allow Terry to die. Mind you, this was 8 years after she collapsed. For 8 years, the husband sought every possible treatment, some fairly quacky, to restore his wife to consciousness.

After 8 fruitless years, and scores of neurologists and tests said that she would never recover, then he petitioned the court to become her ward, and asked them to appoint impartial arbiters to define a solution.

Also note that the parents didn’t try to fight the husband until he refused to give them a share of the malpractice suit. Instead he chose to put the money in trust, overseen by the court.

And guess who’s funding the parents? Just guess. A national anti-abortion group, Life Legal Defense Foundation, that’s who.

Notice that this is the same regime that eliminated Medicare/medicaid payments for people in a vegative state. So, they care about this person…but none of the others, apparently. So, now that medicare is cut…do you think the Republicans and prolife groups are going to pony up that 80k a year if they win? No more than they adopt the babies born out of wedlock to girls who don’t have access to a family planning clinic for birth control or abortion advice. How many senators do you know with a crack baby on board?

Make no mistake, this isn’t about “saving Terry”, this is a blatant grab for control of power away from the states and the individual. This is egregiously wrong, and every single congresscritter who voted for this legislation should be run out of office on a stick. Preferably pointy. (Then again, I think as a matter of course, most of them should be jabbed with pointy sticks regularly.)

This was a slickly marketed, well packaged, superbly chosen case, designed to devastate the systems of checks and balances. And it worked.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that: GOP leaders in both houses describe this case as having to do with the “culture of life” theme expected to be central in the 2006 congressional races. “Their gamble is that the general public will be divided on the issue and will not vote on the subject come 2006, but that the Republican-base … group of conservative Christians will remember this vote forever,” says Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville

I can’t believe that more people don’t realize how scary the fallout from this decision is going to be.

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