Hypocrites! Liars! Frauds and Bastards!

See this baby?

George Bush, when governor of Texas, signed a law that would let hospitals pull the plugs on anyone who didn’t have insurance or a trust fund. This week, while the Republicans were masturbating all over themselves at a chance to slaver over the liquefied brain of Terri Schaivo, not one…NOT ONE of them mentioned the fact that Wanda Hudson was fighting to keep her baby on life support. Not one of them mentioned that hospitals have the right to turn off equipment if you’re poor and don’t have insurance. Just like they’ve not mentioned the fact that they’ve eliminated Medicaid and Medicare payments for people in this child’s or Terry Schaivo’s condition. Sucks to be poor in this country. Like the beach signs about shoes and service, the new American motto has become: No insurance, no cash, no healthcare.

So, the rule seems to be, if you can’t be a working, productive slave of the system, the system should be able to “free up your space”. But, if you’re continuing to push money into the system, via an insane insurance racket, well, then surely…we’ll keep your corpse fed and breathing for ya. And considering that the parents in the Schaivo case are being managed by Randall Terry, the man who pickled a fetus, put it in a dress and would wave it in the faces of rape victims on the way into abortion clinics, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised about his twisted little video where they puppeteer an inanimate body in makeup and parade muscle tics as consciousness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that disconnecting Sun Hudson may not have been the right thing to do. What I am suggesting is that it’s the height of hypocrisy for these politicians to be beating their chests about the Schaivo case, while ignoring the fact that they and their very own Dear Leader proposed, got and signed legislation that that allows hospitals to overrule parents, guardians, etc if the hospital isn’t going to make a profit on the patient in question.

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