Easter colors, egg finding, and chocolate covered pagans

Heee! This was the first year he was old enough for us to color eggs…and him, and the high chair, and me, and probably a few animals that passed in the general area. (Note: paintbrushes, 6-oz cups of dye, and a two-year old – may NOT be the best of all possible combinations.) Because it’s cold and rainy outside, I hid little candy-filled plastic eggs all over the downstairs and we had an egg hunt. He’s excited by the chocolate eggs, but isn’t too sure what to think of the peeps when they pop out of the egg. Then again, I’ve been seeing peeps all my life, and I’m still not sure what to think of them.

And in a bit of tapping into the social unconscious, after he had two chocolate eggs, a large percentage of which somehow ended up being worn like warpaint of the sugar tribe, he starting spinning around, and moving his arms up and down and humming. So, I said, “Whatcha doing buddy?” And he said “It’s the Easter dance! Hooray, Spring!” Mommy’s little pagan. I’m so proud.

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