So…didja miss me?

Hey everybody, I’m alive.  Busy, insanely busy…but alive, none the less. I’ve had weeks of people visiting, plus I’m going through a major manic period…and instead of my usual hopping off to Europe to seduce a viscount, I’ve been organizing…and I do mean Organizing with a capital O.  It took the local charity a semi-tractor trailer to haul all the stuff away…and that was only from 2 rooms.  I got rid of so many clothes that I’m down to only two dressers…well, and a walk in closet…but still, for me, that’s a huge reduction. :)

I hired a closet company to come do that organizing/rebuild thing…but thus far, the project could be considered a bit of a problem.  We’ll see if it all pans out, or if I’ll need help hiding the bodies.  Either way, it’ll give me something to do. 

The boy is two.  Boy, oh boy, is he two.  Today, he’s particularly two.  And I quote Bill Cosby’s wife when she said to him “I want you to kill the boy!”  I’m sure after his nap, things will improve, or one of us is going to live with the gypsies.  (oooh, me please!  I look fabulous in the outfits and who doesn’t want necklaces made with gold coins?) 

I hope all is well in the cyberfriend universe, and I hope to catch up with everyone as time, boy, construction, holidays and new business launch allows.  (More on the new business later.) Please, if I’ve missed anything important, i.e., births, birthdays, deaths, trips to Saturn, new boyfriends/girlfriends/livestock, drop me a note here so I can help you celebrate/mourn/hide the bodies.

Hugs to everyone from the manic arachnid!

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