Closet Factory…perhaps not the wisest of choices

The closet is, in no uncertain terms, an unmitigated disaster.  It’s so bad that everyone woman in the neighborhood who came into see it last night said “Oh. My. God.  What did they do?” 

The designer still hasn’t returned my phone calls, the manager says he’s going to try and come look at it this afternoon…but I have a feeling I just bought myself a lawsuit, for I fear that they will not be able to get their crap out and restore my closet to its original configuration, which is all I want at this point. 

It’s so bad.  It’s so very bad.  The materials are fine, the installation work was stellar, but the designer must have been on crack…it’s not at all what I signed off on, she mismeasured in 4 critical areas…I now have less hanging space, more deadspace and deadly corners whereas before, I didn’t have enough hanging space and I just wanted some shelves for the towels. 

The designer apparently couldn’t be bothered to measure from the wall to the existing rod, she didn’t notice a 20 foot long, 18″ high, 10″ deep soffett where the pipes and electricity run, none of the hanging spaces are long enough for my dresses…it’s a freaking disaster.  It really is. 

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