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Really cool 3d gallery

POV Hall of Fame

The Letter H

So, Sesame Street is on…and the letter of the day is H. To demonstrate the letter H, they had James Brown singing with animated “HAAAA!”s about the screen. Hysterical!

Savage Love

This week’s Savage Love addresses HPV. Something I learned from the article: (quoting) Oh, and while we’re on the subject of HPV… Researchers have been hard at work on two vaccines for HPV, vaccines that could save thousands of women’s lives. In clinical trials, the vaccines have prevented 90 percent of new HPV infections. Good […]

Oh my!

Steve, Don’t Eat That!

So long, Pat O’Brien

I’m stuck in rehab with Pat O’Brien came to a close a couple weeks ago…only, I just now got around to reading the final two weeks. The whole thing was such great fun. I too, will miss rehab with Pat, Whitney, Joquian the Eskimo and the monkey assistant.