Soap stuff…general brainstorming out loud without really talking to anyone…

I think I may have perfected my lotion bar.  It seems to be just the perfect balance of shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax.  It feels so good.  So it, I think I have figured out. I have absolutely no idea how to package it though.   The scent I used…oh my goodness, I love it.  It’s patchouli, sandalwood, clary sage, mandarin orange and grapefruit touched with vanilla, and a hint of chocolate and musk. I adore the scent, and on me, it smells like warm desert trade winds sweeping through the cedars…but you know, I have an active imagination. ;)  It’s spicy, and very, very complex…I dunno if anyone else will like it.   

I was gearing up to do a huge 4th of July show…but I’m running into some logistics snags that may make it impossible for me to do.  Which sucks, but better to find out now, before I ordered the display racks. :)

I need to redesign the soap site.  It’s pretty, but it’s boring.  I hate the way the shopping cart works, and I’ve been putting off for almost a year redoing the site and the cart.  Yea gods, I fear doing the cart.   Paypal documentation is garbled and strange. 

And I feel like doing totally different soaps than what I’ve got in stock.  I think I may just have random stock…whatever I feel like creating this month, that’s what’s available. ;)  I mean, it’s not like stuff sells anyway.  heh. I think maybe focusing on it early in the business plan may have been a mistake. 

Stuff I want to focus on:
New product ideas:  bath melts, herbal bath teas, holistic solution packages, salt scrubs, masks, lotion bars

Stuff that needs to be done:
Generate more retail and spa outlets/clients
Consider expanding product line also doing gift baskets beyond bath products. 
Revisit business plan.
Redesign information flow at website, redesign shopping cart and checkout process. Revisit using solutions other than paypal if logs show a tendency of basket abandoning at checkout.
Find better information about shows and events…my information retrieval on this aspect of the business totally sucks. 

(Also on list to do…win lottery, inherit a small country from an unknown benefactor, and take a long bath.  Because every list should have at least one thing that’s actually going to get done. ;)

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