May is the 45th anniversary of legal birth control in America

Posted over at MeFi by my buddy MadameJujujive:

The Pill – 45 years ago this month, the contraceptive pill was approved by the FDA for U.S. public release, a watershed point for women, providing a prescription for equality. However, it was illegal for single women to use the pill until the 1972 Supreme Court decision of Eisenstadt v. Baird. Ex-boxer Bill Baird was an unlikely contraceptive crusader. His efforts earned imprisonment, death threats, and the enmity of many feminists. He continues his crusade today because, unfortunately, the right to contraceptives is still not a freedom we can take for granted.

Criminal Against Chastity – 1967 interview with Bill Baird that appeared in The Avatar

EISENSTADT v. BAIRD – U.S. Supreme Court, 405 U.S. 438 (1972)

The pill meant women could – 1964 CBC video clip of women discussing the pill from a series of historic CBC records on the pill.

Pharmacist refuses to dispense birth control – November 2004 Mefi thread

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