Monthly Archives: July 2005

A flash scan of America’s non-isolationist history

Hope and Memory, 1801 – 2004. “This is an archive of 163 US interventions, a multi-faceted catalogue of coups, humanitarian incursions, covert actions, proxy armies, freedom fighters/terrorists and multilateral offensives. Out of this legacy, a complex picture emerges.” [Via wood s lot.] It’s short on detail, and has a few typos, but as a brief […]

Planet X discovered…foam covered spaceships can’t get there

Aliens still safe from us and our 1970’s technology…

More soap pics

Yes, because you can never have too much soap. Why the sudden fetish for photographing every stage of the process? Because I’m starting to apply to juried shows. What that means is that a jury decides if you are allowed to participate in the event. It’s fairly unusual for a soaper to be in a […]

Today’s Batches

Today, I’m making Tea Hee and Wake Up soaps.

House Hunt – The visit

Edit to add lj-cut…sorry for the long posts lately. So, I went out to visit the house I talked about before. Here are pictures. The land is incredible. 100 year old trees, pasture…which I have no idea what I’d do with, pecan trees…I love the trees. The neighborhood seems to be primarily working class, who […]