Fox Hires Right Wing Operative as “Supreme Court Analyst” Anyone surprised?

At the urging of Karl Rove, C. Boyden Gray founded the Committee for Justice, “a group committed to ensuring the confirmation of President Bush’s judicial nominees.” Today, you can find him on Fox News billed as a “Supreme Court analyst.” (Fox did not disclose the conflict to its viewers.) On Sunday, Gray said the money spent by right-wing groups on the judicial nomination “will be spent to counterbalance what [the other side is] doing. It’s more a defensive measure to support the president, not to try to influence how the president makes his own picks.

A look at what the right-wing groups are saying shows that’s false. American Family Association: “President Bush promised to appoint judges who shared his views on the role of judges, such as Justices Scalia and Thomas. Send the email asking that the President hold fast on his promise and appoint someone with that philosophy.” Focus on the Family: “President Bush must nominate someone whose judicial philosophy is crystal clear. And no one has been clearer about this than the President himself, who said during his campaign that he would appoint justices in the mold of Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia.”

For more, check out this document by People for the American Way.

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