anyone know how to get VHS on to computer?

Back from the soap maker’s convention; where Channel 8 showed up to do human interest stories. I think I might get some camera time, so I’m going to tape the news at 5:30, just in case. (Gods willing, I don’t look hideous.) Does anyone know how to transfer VHS into computer? When I worked at Broadcast I could just hand the tape to one of the engineers and they did the voodoo that they do…but I have no idea what that voodoo was.

Convention was a blast! Learned much, met great people, bought much stuff, am headed downstairs to make stuff and package orders. :)

Oooooh…. I got a new yellow rose fragrance that is just exquisite, a frankincense myrrh blend that is from the gods, and a sandalwood vanilla that has to be smelled to be believed, it’s so good. I’m going to start making stuff and in the 3 weeks it takes to cure, I think I’m going to revamp the website. I just need to decide how to do the site. I think the navigation on mine is wonky…I think I want everything easily clickable on a left side navigation instead. Ok, tired, babbling and still need to go make some stuff for orders that are shipping tomorrow.

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