Great Soap Convention, and that’s no Lye. ;)

It was really great. The turnout was lower than I expected, but that might have to do with the expense of the hotel. (Which I thought was really reasonable, but others thought was too high.)

There were great seminars. We had business coaches and chemists, formulators and instructors, classes on making lotion, classes on additives, colors, multipours for molded glycerins, massive education on preservatives, labeling, laws. Really cool aromatherapy seminar too. I got a lot from the class on preservatives and legal labeling…most informative.

Sat. nite was a mixer and “garage sale”. I got all kinds of neat stuff for next to nothing. :) Plus I won a door prize of the stand-up 3d molds…tres cool.

I found a shrinkwrap machine that I may not be able to live without. The saleslady did a demo where she wrapped 12 bars of soap in under a minute. To die for.

After the mixer, about 30 of us went up to the spa, took it over and did a multi-stage scrub, mud, cleanser, lotion regime. We all looked like Al Jolson impersonators. ;) I wandered into the bar, in a horrid old bathing suit, green mud all over my face and chest and when everyone turned around to look at me, and the room went silent, I said “Know your beauty, Learn your beauty, LOVE your beauty…and I’ll take a Harps please.” Everyone laughed and someone else bought my beer and two of the ladies in there followed me up to the spa. Hee.

All in all, it was a very worthwhile adventure.

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