New baby adorableness

Because parents can’t help themselves…here’s new pictures of the Prince. :)

Speaking of…he tried to shuffle off the mortal coil yesterday. Ignored me yelling “STOP” at him and jumped into the deep water at the pool with no floaties on. Scared me to death. I was right behind him, but by the time I could yank him above the water, he was going down for the second time. The lifeguard didn’t even move, which may be because they realized I was right behind him, and they’ve seen me out there giving swimming lessons and teaching other kids how to save a drowning friend…but still…if they see a toddler streaking for the water, you’d think they’d be a little concerned. Useless damn teenagers. Now I see how a kid drowned there last year, not 6 feet from the lifeguard stand. The lifeguards are way more interested in their tan lines and each other than they are with doing their job. I haven’t decided if I’m pissed enough to get them all fired or not. The bitch in me says “Hell, yeah…let them work on their tan on someone else’s dime.”, but that weird nice chick who shows up in my psyche periodically says “No harm, you were right there and they could see that.” Still, very spooky, that was. Well, for me…the boy didn’t seem spooked by the experience at all, mostly he was upset that I yelled at him and made him get out of the pool and go home.

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