Oh stuff and bother

Soap Disaster! The soap gods have been angered, apparently. I suppose it’s time to sacrifice another virgin…

Speaking of sacrifice, the Gonzo of my set, close personal friend, and total freakazoid over at the Esoteric Science Resource Center is parting with a large selection of his horded goodies. Get it before he changes his mind. Also, if you’re an RPG geek, you might be in hog heaven over here at this garage sale too.

Dig my groovy new shrink wrap machine. I love it. It’s my new favorite toy. Yeah baby…yeah. I’ve been running around the house looking for stuff to shrink wrap. The cats are hiding. (By the by…the orange isn’t a decorating choice…that’s the silicon pad that goes under the heating free arm. I swear to you my house is not decorated in 1970’s pumpkin. Blech!
Dig the groovy shrink wrap machine

And speaking of the 70’s…allow me to present: How It Works…The Computer. From 1971. Astounding how far we’ve come, ain’t it?

Oh hey…anyone with a MySpace account, be warned that Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp has purchased MySpace for half a billion dollars in cash. (I wish someone would give *me* half a billion dollars.) Anyway, the important bit is that they’ve changed the TOS to say that now they own the rights to anything you post there. Thanks to Jairus for the head’s up on that. (I’m not a myspace user, but still wanted to spread the news.)

Last but not least; greasemonkey security warning: If you have the greasemonkey extension for firefox installed you might want to read at least these 2 warning list emails. It’s a pretty huge security hole.

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