House Hunting…What’s wrong with Lewisville?

Ok, I know I have some friends that have lived in Lewisville, but have sworn to never return…what’s up with that? What about it is “teh suck”? I think I’ve found a really groovy place…a couple of acres, a giant workshop, house with a mother in-law suite which means the house has two kitchens, so I could move the soap company out of *my* kitchen, heated pool, fenced pasture for horses…which I’ll never have…as I find kitty litter odious, I’m hardly likely to clean up horse poop…The house is about 50 years old, so will need a massive amount of renovations, as I can’t live with avocado color schemes or *shudder* paneling for long…but before I make the trek out there to see it…what is it about Lewisville that everyone hates?

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