House Hunt – The visit

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So, I went out to visit the house I talked about before. Here are pictures.

The land is incredible. 100 year old trees, pasture…which I have no idea what I’d do with, pecan trees…I love the trees.

The neighborhood seems to be primarily working class, who enjoy playing mariachi music loud enough that it could be heard inside the house I was touring. The new City Hall was just finished and is about 2 blocks away, as is Main Street, which seems to be in the middle of a renewal/remaking/renovation. I think the city is shooting for a gentrification of that whole area, but I don’t know if it’s likely to happen. There’s a new city park/pool/water park about 3 blocks away, the elementary school is 2 blocks away, the big library is less than 3 miles away. The yard isn’t fenced, and would have to be before I could take the dog. The current owner leases a couple of sheds and some land to a local landscaper who uses it as a tree farm. He pays a nominal amount of rent in return, but also maintains the entire grounds of the house…which is Suhweeet!

The house…huge, but poorly designed. The interior would have to be gutted and done again, I think. I’d probably want to hire an architect to help me design…the modifications are probably way out of my league, just because I can’t tell which are supporting walls. If I were doing the remodeling work myself, it would probably be a year before I could live there without shuddering. If I were hiring contractors, it would cost at least $50,000, probably closer to $100,000. The kitchen alone would probably cost $20k. The bathrooms won’t work, and would have to be ripped out and replaced. The current owner has 10 (Yes, 10) children…how they all managed with those teeny little bathrooms is a total mystery to me. I got to meet the owner, and she’s the nicest lady. Gentle, kind and I just loved her from “hello”. She had the calmest zen-like vibe of anyone I’ve ever met. All of her kids were foster children that she adopted. What a nice lady.

I think I’m probably not going to go forward…I can’t decide. Part of me really wants it, because of the trees…but the common sense part says “Oh my lord, you don’t have time to get a haircut, and you think you have time to remodel a house? And where, pray tell, are you going to find an extra 100k to fix the place up?” I’m still going to talk to the Lewisville police liaison on Monday and see what the crime rate is like, and see if he can tell me what’s going on in the neighborhood, because I just love the trees and the outside so much…but I’m a lot more hesitant than I was yesterday.

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