More soap pics

Yes, because you can never have too much soap. :)

Why the sudden fetish for photographing every stage of the process? Because I’m starting to apply to juried shows. What that means is that a jury decides if you are allowed to participate in the event. It’s fairly unusual for a soaper to be in a juried show, mainly I think because a lot of them don’t apply. Because you have to be able to prove that you make your art/craft from beginning to end, some of these shows require batch notes, pictures of the process and other documentation.

Also, beginning soapmakers like seeing how the process works, so they have a ‘template’ if you will, to work from. Lord knows I learned a bunch from OakenKing just by hovering over his shoulder as he worked. :)

Also, it helps me do due diligence when a batch…like the rose of hell…goes terribly wrong, sometimes looking at the pictures can help me figure out where in the process I misstepped.

ooooh, and added benefit…I think now I can write off my camera as a business expense. Hee. ;)

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