Monthly Archives: August 2005

Looting, Finding, and Racist Bullshit Claims

So, there’s been this huge freaking bruhaha on sites from Boing Boing to MetaFilter to Wonkette and all the other “top” blogs about two pictures on the Yahoo Wire service. The general meme of this manufactured racial outrage can be best expressed by the MetaFilter thread, which I quote: “Black people loot, white people borrow. […]

Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into…

The war is NOT about oil. It’s about oil. (War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength…etc.) So, guess why Louisiana and Mississippi didn’t shore up the levees? In its budget, the Bush administration had a significant reduction in funding for southeast Louisiana’s chief hurricane protection project. Bush allotted $10.4 million, a sixth of what local officials […]

Soap Porn

Pictures of 3King inna Pot, Field of Dreams, Gardener’s Delight and some of the novelty shapes and an example of the gift box/wrapping that is being added as a service to the site. None of these are really great pictures. I need to set up the lights and tripod to get pictures for the web […]

Awwwh, issums so cute I need insulin?

Cats in sinks. Toilet Training Kitties. Training accidents. Cat Bathing as a Martial Art.

With a little help from my friends…

So, my friend Paul ( ) came over this morning to watch and learn about making soap. I figured that since I had extra hands, I’d get ambitious and make 3 batches. The three kinds we made were: Gardener’s Delight, Fire and Ice, and Field of Dreams. Should you have a burning desire to know […]