Monthly Archives: September 2005

Woooo! Cold Front! Wheeee!

Yes, the temperature has dropped by 30 degrees. It’s 72 degrees outside. Sweater weather! Seriously, I’m making split pea soup for dinner. Mmmm…split pea…. yum. It’s practically snowing! Ok, it’s really as close to snowing as I want it to get. Hee. Now, off to frolic and cavort in the chilly breeze. (Hey, 72 is […]

Show Prep – notes to self

Got the lip balms finished, did 30 tubes of a shae butter, cocoa butter, castor and beeswax with honey flavor. Labeled and shrinkwrapped. (Well, most of them…10 still need labels.) Annointing oils done, although it looks like I’ve got what I’ve made sold already, so I need to make more. Note to self: Order more […]

EPA thinks polluters shouldn’t have to deal with all that pesky paperwork

So, the EPA wants chemical companies to be not have to file records annually as to where they happen to be storing all the stuff that could destroy the planet, but they’d also like to change the rules so that if they spill or INTENTIONALLY RELEASE as much as 5000 pounds of toxic chemicals into […]

Exceptions in new EPA rules would allow testing pesticides on children

From the Baltimore Sun. Linked, but also copied below the cut in case it disappears when their content archives. Once again, Monsanto and other Bush contributors get what they want from an agency theoretically supposed to protect Americans. By Andrew Schneider Sun National Staff Originally published September 14, 2005 WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency’s […]

Whee! Ready to put together gift boxes now

I found bath pillows, I’ve got soap socks, I’ve got face brushes, nail brushes and skin brushes. I’ve got cute animal poufs, I think I have a line on loofahs, now I just need to put the boxes together, figure out pricing, and get them on the site. Wheee! And all in time for xmas […]