Adopt an American

The Astrodome filled up, as have the places in San Antonio, Austin, the military base, and now Reunion Areana in Dallas. They’re shipping this poor hurricane victims all over creation.

I just learned in a conversation with the mayor of my little burb that we’re bringing families here. The (only) hotel is putting them up free of charge, and the community is pulling together to provide water, food, clothes, medical attention and whatnot.

Apparently, this sort of thing is happening all over the South. If you’re still pissed at the Red Cross…and many folks in the South are…and you have no faith in the feds…and how could you at this point…consider calling your local seat of government and asking if they have any refugee families that need anything.

Clean out your closets, stop by the grocery store and pick up stuff that you’d want to have for comfort food, maybe find some books or games or toys or whatever and do something.

If you’re not in the South, or your town doesn’t happen to have any of the disaster victims, please consider donations to America’s Second Harvest. This charity has an insanely low expense to charity ratio, the vast majority of their donations are actually spent on food. They’re a great charity and this disaster will have people calling on them even more than usual as we move forward into the months of people not being able to go home.

I know we’re all angry, and sad, and disgusted and depressed by everything that has gone wrong in the Gulf this week. And the anger and the disgust and the depression and the sadness are are perfectly justified. But use it to fuel something good.

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