And now for something completely different

Soap batches today:

Chocolate Orange with a 10 fold organic orange essential oil. Yum. It smells so good.

Tea Hea in rectangle guest bar size for gift baskets (Lavender, Geranium and Patchouli essential oils)

I was going to do a Three Kings batch too, but I think I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m also planning on trying to do some of the annointing oils today, just to get it out of the way. The chocolate mint bars and the Lunar Garden bars are ready to be wrapped, so I need to do labels and polish them before shrinkwrapping.

I made some really yummy vanilla sugar cookie lotion this week, and it’s starting to change color. Which I guess I should have expected, as vanilla tends to do that. It smells incredible, I just hope it stays the sort of creamy taupe it’s turned, and doesn’t go brown. I’m not sure brown lotion is going to sell well, even though the only way to keep it from discoloring would be to use artificial vanilla instead of real vanilla. (And even then, I think it discolors a little.) I may try adding titanium dioxide to the next batch and see if that keeps it whiter.

The tea bags for making bath tea are here, I’m just waiting for all the goodies from the herbal supplier to arrive; green tea, arnica flowers, calendula flowers, lemongrass, rooibos, rosebuds, chamomile, orange peel and rosebuds. I’m going to do a “Tea and Cookies” set with two bath teas and two “sugar cookies” in a pretty box. I can’t decide if the cookies should be soap or bath bombs….decisions, I always get hung up on the tiny ones.

I need to build and photograph some gift box selections so I can put them on the site, and add an option where people can have their own selections gift wrapped for a premium. I also need to photograph the ChocoMint soap and the 3Kings soap.

Sigh. So much to do, so little time.

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