Bush faked levee repair for photo op yesterday


Edit: Oh, holy mother of god, now it looks like the food bank operations were faked too:


Here’s the natives trying to help:


Here’s the post I put on MetaFilter about the current situation: (and where I got the info about the “presidential sets”. )

Vote Blue? No help for you!
Here’s the text, the links may be wonky on the LJ system, but all of this stuff is sourced. If the links get weird, just go to the Mefi link. If nothing else, see the video links at the bottom. Geraldo just redeemed himself for 20 years of cheesy reporting.

The Red Cross has been ordered to stay out of New Orleans.
Critical firefighting equipment is being left untouched. Chicago’s offer of manpower and equipment is “snubbed” by FEMA, according to the Mayor. FEMA “forgets” to tell the military to airdrop food and water to the survivors. Northern Command has been ready for days, just waiting for the President to give the orders. Feds delayed paperwork giving permission for National Guard to act. Louisiana begged for federal help on Sunday in a formal request, but the Bush administration says they didn’t know anything about problems until Wednesday. Meanwhile, reporters apparently grow weary of the spin doctors.

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