Army Times calls NOLA Katrina victims “the insurgency”.

Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the Greater New Orleans area.”

Team Bush spins the disaster…oh and by the way, Halliburton gets $500 Millon dollars to clean up the installations, in another no-bid contract awarded by the Bush regime at the same time that they slashed the Army Corps of Engineers budget.

Speaking of Halliburton, you remember, the company that’s already been given $10 BILLION dollars in a no-bid contract in Iraq? Today, while the nation was distracted by Katrina and a dead judge, “A high-ranking Army Corps of Engineers official who publicly criticized the Pentagon’s decision to award Halliburton Co. a no-bid contract for work in Iraq has been demoted.” Other whistleblowers also got the axe.

But on a bright note, here’s a stock tip: Buy builders. Cause, nothing says unmitigated profit like misery does.

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