Lest we forget…

Overheard in my neighborhood this bright and sunny Sunday, a conversation between two young girls…I’d say both around 10 or 11.

Adorable Moppet 1: Today is 9/11, do you know what that means?

Adorable Moppet 2: Yeah, today is the day that Iraq attacked us.


Even the children have been tainted by the neocon memes at this point. I can’t bear to raise my boy somewhere where we’re the only ones who think like “blue-staters”; who read more than one newspaper, who don’t watch Fox News for our daily dose of propaganda and two-minute hate, who think that if these religious nutters want to teach creationism, it should be a religion class and not a “science” class. I keep telling the Man that we need to move somewhere where banned book lists don’t exist, where learning is more important than being sedated and following the rules, where we are actually free, and not just “free to do as they tell us”. There’s got to be a blue state somewhere that needs a programmer and a soapmaker. The fact is, with all the gerrymandering, there’s no way to ever change the face of Texas politics again. The carpetbaggers won, and then rewrote the rules to keep anyone else from winning. It’s just too damn hot here to keep fighting a constantly losing battle against stupidity and willful ignorance.

I really like ‘s idea of us forming a more perfect union and creating our own compound out of an island in the Vancouver sound, but Katrina has me a little spooked about living that close to the water line, to be frank. Also, I’m not sure, but I think that evil genius plans require that your island lair have a volcano, and there seem to be precious few of those for sale.

I guess hearing the adorable moppet comments disturbed me more than I’d like to believe. Maybe because at their age, I was fully cognizant of Watergate, knew who the players were, could discuss various aspects of it, could discuss the end of hostilities in Vietnam, how we got there, what made it seem like such a good idea to the French, and then to the American administrations, the profiteering of the Johnson administration and their good pals Halliburton (well, what became Halliburton). The point is that at that age, I was already politically aware, arguing with “my elders” and searching for things which I believed to be true, rather than automatically believing what I was told. Around here, I’m seeing none of that. Every one of the kids around here just sheeplike follows the herd, and believes whatever they’re told…despite having access to an information pool that I would have killed to have at their age.

I don’t want my kid to be a sheep. By the same token, I got thrown out of almost every school I attended, usually for upsetting the status quo. I graduated at 15 not necessarily because I knew all the material I was supposed to have learned, but because every school administration for a 100 mile radius figured it was time to share my special talents with a university somewhere. Hopefully somewhere far, far away. So, I don’t want that for the boy either. Although, truth be told, I’d rather he was an intelligent troublemaker than a placid cud-chewer. Rumor has it that there’s a middle ground, but you know me, I’ve never been very good at finding the middle.

The day Iraq attacked us indeed. I weep for the future.

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