Gift baskets and goodies therein

So, I’m finishing out the details of the intial gift baskets to be available for the holiday season. They’ll be:

Gardener’s Delight: Full size bar of Gardener’s Delight soap, Muscle relaxing bath bomb, lotion in Lemongrass/sage or Lavender (I can’t decide), and a bottle of organic “don’t bug me” insect repellant.

Neroli Day Spa: Dead Sea Mud, Foaming Scrub and 8 ounce lotion, all in Neroli.

Guilt Free Chocolate: Bar of chocolate mint, bar of Chocolate Saville, Cocoa Butter/Oatmeal/chocolate scented bath melt.

Milk and Cookies: Gingerbread soap, Nanna’s Cookies soap, and Warm Vanilla Milk Bath.

Tea and Cookies: This is actually a small, relatively inexpensive gift consisting of 4 small fortune cookie bath bombs and 2 of the Soapy Hollow SpecialTea Bath Teas in a groovy little clear box. I won’t be adding extra goodies to this one, but as long as I’m listing off the gift baskets…

But, I think besides the product, the baskets need a little somethin’, somethin’. A bath pouf, a funny animal sponge, a loofa, something…or maybe I’m just over thinking the whole thing, and the baskets are fine just as I’ve planned them. Obviously, more stuff I have to buy raises the price, but the question is, does it also raise the value to the receiver?

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