My goodness…the power of darwin compels you, indeed!

Today, I added the Gardener’s Delight soap, the two chocolate soaps, and the Neroli products to the website. And (he of the The Esoteric Science Resource Center) mentioned them on his site…and it’s been order central today. I’m going to have to hot process two more batchs of the Gardener’s Delight…it’s selling like a house afire, it is, it is. I’m not sold out of it yet, but if I don’t get more made, it’s a real possibility. And you don’t want to get Paul’s fans cranky. They’re intelligent, have access to tools, and well…for those of you that know Paul, you know his friends can be a little scary. (I should know, I’ve been one of them for years. Hee.)

In other news, the boy and I did a “Club Noggin” thing, which is sponsored by the only commercial free kid’s network that isn’t public television. Since the only TV he’s allowed to see is Noggin and PBS, it’s not terribly surprising that he was very excited about this whole “club noggin” thing, and begged me, begged me to take him. Promised to be good, promised to not draw on the walls, or feed the cat crayons, or sell the other neighbor children into slavery. So we went. I thought it was pretty damn lame, and hardly worth the trouble to get there, but he seemed to really enjoy it, and wants to go again, so I have a feeling that next month, I may be forced to enter a *shudder* mall again. Gods help us all. And those bastards set this event up mere feet from the Cinnabuns stand. I didn’t get one, because my will is stronger than their marketing, but it was close. And may I just say, the mall is Mesquite Texas is a lot spookier than one imagines a mall could be. It’s a Dawn of the Dead place, I’m telling you. I’m fairly sure I saw zombies in the Banana Republic. Of course, that could have just been my reflection after listening to an hour of “children’s entertainment”.

At one point, before the event, when we were heading to said event, me being pulled behind the child as he stomped along full speed, one of the cart vendors reached out and grabbed me to say “Are those your real nails? I have a product you have to see” and was trying to lead me back to his cart. Now…I don’t like to be touched by strangers, and I like it even less when it’s apparent that I’m trying to get somewhere with my child, who is as impatient as a small boy can be. So, I jerked my hand away and said “Dude! Number one, don’t touch me. Number two, can you not see the small child pulling me towards that mass of small children over there?” And he started in on his sales pitch again, and the Boy turned around and looked at him, shook his head, and said ( I swear to god this is true), “Don’t make her angry. Bad idea.” To which I nodded and said “It’s true.” And we wandered away, leaving grabby man looking very confused, and slightly frightened. Ah, my kid…he rocks. Even if he does make me go to the mall. *shudder*

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