Show Prep – notes to self

Got the lip balms finished, did 30 tubes of a shae butter, cocoa butter, castor and beeswax with honey flavor. Labeled and shrinkwrapped. (Well, most of them…10 still need labels.)

Annointing oils done, although it looks like I’ve got what I’ve made sold already, so I need to make more. Note to self: Order more bottles. Both the annointing oils are biblical in basis, since the show is a big Christian event. I did one that’s Frankincense and Myrrh in jojoba oil and blended with gold mica. It’s very pretty. I’m calling it Three Kings. The second one I’ve done is Frankincense, Rose of Sharon, Spikenard, Cedar, Myrrh, Hyssop, Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus, Aloes, Sandalwood and Styrax (Storax, Stacte). I’m calling it River of Life. (Revelations…doncha know. Just because I’m a heathen doens’t mean I didn’t learn something in the 12 years of Catholic school. Hee.)

Dipped Rose petals finished, and have cured beautifully. Yay.

Got letters thanking me for the soapy hollow donations to Katrina evacuees. (And yet not even a note of acknowledgement from a friend whom I sent almost a hundred bars of soap for wedding favors. Not even a “hey, it got here.” Nada. I know I should be above being hurt by anyone in Bridezilla mode, but I’m not. It’s also the last time I ever do an order that big for free again. Total mistake to put myself in a situation where a friendship could be damaged by a lack of simple courtesy. I mean, when homeless people who have lost everything can take time to send a letter…well, it does seem a little cold that a friend couldn’t drop an email to let you know the box got there. )

Whatever…whine, bitch, moan…it’s isn’t going to fix anything to complain about it…so, back to my to do list:

  • Still need to wrap the Orange Chocolate bars.
  • Need to redesign 3Kings bar wrapper and reprint. Wrap those bars. Oooooh, I wonder if the gold foil sheets are big enough…that would be so cool!
  • Wrap Field of Dreams.
  • Labels for Gingerbread Gargoyles
  • Craft store for Foam Core for sign, and candy wrappers (?) for Chocolate bath melts.
  • Need to make and package bath teas, tea and cookies. Labels and DO NOT EAT stickers.
  • Need to package Rose Petals.
  • Need bath bombs? May skip bombs and just take fizzing salts. I dunno. I’m starting to get product overload, I think.
  • Need to make lotions: Taking three varieties: Lavender, Neroli, Warm Vanilla
  • Need to make Dead Sea Salts and Muds. Cant’ decide on fragrance, but leaning towards Neroli for salts and tea tree/lavender for muds
  • Need to make Body Polish. Leaning towards Fig, but may go Neroli. (I’m having a big Neroli thing…that may become my new signature scent. I love it so much.)
  • Set up table, test new cover and new product displays on table.
  • Do something about my crazy hair…must find time to make it to salon before I’m imprisoned as an escapee from the Wild Women of Bornio production.

Batch notes:

  • Batch of Orange Creamsicle didn’t work as planned, need to do another whipped batch this weekend.
  • Whipped batch of Fire and Ice turned out beautifully. Batch sold, need another batch for show.
  • 36 guest bar batch of Tea Hee – client changed her mind, wants to go full size bars…naturally, after I’ve cut the full size bars into guest bars. Sigh. Must figure out some way to sell those bars. (Anyone want some Tea Hee guest bars? Hee.) May figure out small labels and take them to the show…what could it hurt?

I have way too many products, and way too small of a booth. I’ve apparently lost my mind. Speaking of losing one’s mind…I need to find out if CB is still planning on stopping by to give me potty breaks during the show. Or find someone else brave enough to face thousands of Plano Church Women at an ungodly hour of the day. I’m just sure I’ll have to pee at least once. Hee.

Lab coats! D’oh! I forgot to order lab coats. I wonder if I can still get them here in time…

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