Monthly Archives: October 2005

Rain, rain, go away!

It never fails. It always rains here on Halloween. (Or whatever night I have Halloween plans.) Always. I’m like cursed with a thundercloud that follows me around, but only drizzles on me for Halloween festivities. Perhaps it cherishes me and is trying to water me.

Sunday Funnies

Paul Smith’s Artwork and Story. This ancient man with cerebal palsey has created some amazing art on a typewriter. Yes…a typewriter. Feel like a drift into the past? How about The Golden Age of Romance Comics? (The Archive, that is.) With stories like: Too Many Men, Second Choice Bride, Outlaw Love and Tenderfoot Sweetheart….how could […]

Little panic (soaping)

So…the batches I did yesterday, seem to have no interest in coming out of the molds. The Man, being a calm sort said “Well, just wait…they’re probably not ready.” Damn The Man and his infernal logic. Problem is, the batch is sold…and if it’s going to be too sticky to come out of the molds, […]

Heee! Photoshop Phriday and other pranks

This week, the Photoshop contest takes on Richard Scarry covers. Heee! My fave may be “Richard Scarry’s BEST Guide to the Sociological Causes of International Terrorism, Its implications for a 21st-Century Military and the Geopolitical Legacy of the Cold War EVER!” So apparently Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta, NJ has ordered all […]

Test batches, oven processing and all things experimental

So, got a small batch of orange vanilla soap and a small batch of orange clove soap in the oven, testing my new mold’s hot processing stamina. Even with the windows open, my house smells like a really good bakery. I’m hoping to get pics of the new products and get them on the site […]