Lea and Me…Weird Mommies of Dooooom!

Lea Hernandez- likes me, she really, really likes me! (Ok, the soap.) I mean, I think she likes me too…But really, I just wanted to have a Goldie Hawns moment, is that so wrong? ;) If you don’t know who Lea is, you’ve not spent nearly enough time reading comics. Lea is an amazing artist who is the creator of Rumble Girls, Texas Steampunk, Killer Princesses, author of Manga Secrets, and editor of GirlAMatic.com. And… Texas Steampunk III: Ironclad Petal is coming out in installments on said GirlAMatic.com, for those of you, like myself, who are too impatient to wait until we get our dead tree version. :)

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