Relief organizations actively working in Pakistan

I know it’s been a rough round of donations for everyone, with the hurricanes and the tsumanis and the other natural and man-made disasters of the last year or two. But the destruction in Pakistan is astounding. They’re saying that 30,000 people may be dead, gods only know how many are missing. Entire villages have been destroyed. And right after the beginning of Ramadan…which for America would be the equivalent of a Katrina happening on Christmas morning. (Sort of…it’s the best simile I could come up with. Ramadan is a little hard to explain. Here’s some info on it. )

If you have some spare change floating around in your charity jars, I recommend the following charities for the earthquake relief effort. There are others on ‘s lists, but I’m just listing the ones that I know personally or have worked with before. With no insult intended towards the LJ users who are forming charity co-ops and matching funds, I recommend giving directly to the charity of your choice, it’s safer, it’s more secure, and it’s trackable for tax purposes. Only donations given directly to bona fide charities constitute a legal donation for tax purposes.

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