Oh dear lord, what have I done?

I have a feeling that the show I’m doing this weekend is going to be a lot more evangelical than they advertised when they were getting us to sign up as vendors. Then, it was all “non denominational” and “empowering women through…blah, blah, blah.” Now, it’s all “have you heard the good word of JaaayZUS?”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Christians. I’m all for the ones that actually ya know, *are* Christians, with the following the word of the Hippy from Heaven. With the love, and the turning of the cheek and the separating the state from the faith…(render unto Caesar, anyone?)…but the scary, get in your face, ‘burn in hellfire that we just made up…and damnation without this ritual dunking under water” folks…not so much really.

It’s like dealing with Fanbois of The Lord.

And I’m so bad at keeping my mouth shut. I mean, I studied philosophy, I read comparative religion books for fun. I’m all about a good argument. And I just know that during this event, which despite promises from the promoters has not been advertised anywhere I’ve seen, someone is going to walk up and ask me if I’ve “heard the Word”, and I’m going to respond, “Yep…and the word is Oooooohm.” (Or worse, one too many people will ask me if I’ve found Jesus, and I’m going to tell them to check behind the couch, because that’s where he always ends up after he turns the pond in to a lovely Cabernet.)

As PoohBear would say; “Oh, Bother.”

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