Where I’ll be, should the spirit move you (hee)

North Texas Women’s Expo Wear your Pastafarian Gear. All Hail his Noodley Appendage.

I’ll be there setting up tomorrow afternoon, selling through the evening, and all day on Saturday. (Although, those that know me realize that the insane hour they want me there on Saturday morning may spell doom for Plano.) ;) Saturday evening, assuming I can get out of there before 9, I’m off to a wedding somewhere west of Plano that may require a passport. (Must remember to take maps with me to show.)

From the TMI files: of course, since I don’t have booth help, Aunt Flo and the Cramps have come to visit. Because, ya know I’m always so much more cheerful then. And I can’t take pamprin because it’s a diuretic, and I can’t leave the booth unattended every 15 minutes. Thank gods for Darvocet. Heh. Opiates, you know they’ve saved many a life…and that’s just the people I haven’t killed.

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