Accentuate the Positive…

So, now that I’ve gotten the bitching about the show out of my system, (mostly), I wanted to mention some good things. There were some amazing artisans there. I made some great contacts, got to meet some really nice people, and swapped a ton of soap for a bunch of goodies I wanted. Another soapmaker and I traded some products, which is always fun. I traded some soap for two gorgeous wraps/shawls/poncho kinda things. And traded some soap for pair of fun rock earrings. There was a chick there who makes the grooviest “bottle jewelry” I’ve ever seen, and I think some of her stuff may find it’s way into xmas baskets this year. It was so pretty.

The other soaper and I had (lots of) time to chat, and I got some good ideas about packaging that I’m going to implement. I chatted with some graphic designers about the joys of spray adhesive…I think I’ll be doing some experimental labels soon.

I also think, after the show at St. Andrews next month, I’m going to give up on the whole craft show thing. I just don’t think that’s really my comfort zone. :) So, if you consider the fees, travel costs, time spent, etc… as “life tuition”, then all in all…ok, the show still sucked ass. But there were some high points. Hee.

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