Fun, fun, fun…

Words made up by the Simpsons…the wiki annotation thereof. It’s cromulent!

Horton Hears A Heart, by Edgar Allan Seuss. (From the author of such childhood favorites as : One Death, Two Death, Red Death, Blue Death and Masque of the Green Ham ), but not the author of the ever popular Fox in Socks, Prince of Denmark.

Freefalling…yeah…I’m freefalling. It’s the commander in chief as a bouncing ragdoll toy. Go on, you know you want to.

Speaking of freefalling, and other things destructive…The Curiously Strong Survival Kit. (Now with Universal Edibility Test) You may also be interested in the following forums relating to BOBs (Bug Out Bags) and other information: Knife Forums. Frugal Squirrels Disaster Preparedness, Frugal Squirrels Survival tools and kits, Also, this AskMe thread has some great info on putting together a survival kit for the house. Which, ya know, everyone should have.

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