Molds, molds, everywhere molds….

I just got new molds…thanks to a tip from , a woman who muchly rules. :) Now I can do small batches, and still not have to line log molds. I know they’re a radically different shape than my standard soaps…but when it comes to experimentation, it seems silly to make 20 bars at a time if I can do a smaller run, and see if they sell…or work. :)

So, small (or as we call it in the trade…boutique) batches soaps this week, I think I’m going to make Gingerbread, Neroli and Litsea, Nanna’s Cookies, Neroli and Orchid, Mayan Gold, and Orange Spiced Tea. (yum). All of which I’ve done in other products, but only the Orange Spice and Gingerbread have I tried in soap so far.

I may even get brave and attempt a rose again. Because, I’m just stupid that way. :)

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