Test batches, oven processing and all things experimental

So, got a small batch of orange vanilla soap and a small batch of orange clove soap in the oven, testing my new mold’s hot processing stamina. Even with the windows open, my house smells like a really good bakery.

I’m hoping to get pics of the new products and get them on the site this weekend while doing other updates. The orange vanilla batch is almost completely sold already, but I still think I’m going to do them in small batchs. That’s one of the smells that disappears over time…real citrus being like that…so I hate doing big batches, then having to scrap it if it doesn’t sell before the scent fades enough that I’m no longer satisfied. But it seems it’s one of those scents that as soon as I run out….everyone wants a bar. Strangest thing, me and the Dreamsicle. Anyway, if this OP works, I’ll probably do another batch tonight. The orange clove I think will be an amazing seller…but maybe it’s just me that loves that scent so much. It’s just intoxicating. (And from an aromatherapy standpoint, very cleansing, clearing, uplifting and energizing.)

I should be getting some new polymers in and a bunch of samples from some other places…going to play around with making bath gel and hair masks. Also working on firming up the scrubs a little more. I may firm it up to a mousse texture, and package it in jars, instead of the bottles I use now. I think people would prefer it. Or so my limited test market of half a dozen people leads me to believe. ;)

I’m starting to realize how limited my chemistry background is…what with being an English/Philosophy major lo those many years ago. The Man found some of his chemistry books from college, and I’m going to work my way through Organic Chemisty. (She says with all the optimism of someone who hasn’t had to study for 10 years.)

But now, the boy has just shut himself in his room…and as we all know, a child behind a shut door can *never* be a good thing….

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