Little panic (soaping)

So…the batches I did yesterday, seem to have no interest in coming out of the molds. The Man, being a calm sort said “Well, just wait…they’re probably not ready.” Damn The Man and his infernal logic.

Problem is, the batch is sold…and if it’s going to be too sticky to come out of the molds, then I need to get another big batch started today, so I can oven process it and still have something to ship Sunday night. (I know how to do it in my big log molds and get it to work…it’s just these little molds that were an experiment.) I hate panic, but I hate not being able to ship an order even more. Especially since the person who placed the order hasn’t responded to any of my emails, and I’ve already delayed the order for two days waiting for her to get back to me.

Also, there’s been a huge run on Wake Up Soap…and I have to get another batch of it made this weekend, I’m almost out. I think I’m going to rename it Morning Citrus, and I think I’m going to change the color swirl to orange. (Because I’m a loon, and I can’t leave things alone, that’s why.)

And I really, really want to play with some ideas this weekend. I want to make “stained glass soap”, just to see if I can do it. Maybe I’ll just make one of the batches a little big, and then play with the extra. What to do, what to do?

On other news, the Pirate costumes are finished. The Boy and I will surely terrify the neighborhood and make off with all their booty! Arrr, matey…hand over the Hershey’s and nobody gets hurt.

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