Monthly Archives: November 2005

Did you people know about this, and not tell me?

Because this is funny. There’s a wedding planning service. You realize that means that *enough* people have star trek themed weddings, wait let me change that to *enough financially comfortable* people have star trek themed weddings to justify not just a hotel, and a restaurant, and rides or whatever the hell is going on there […]

The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten By Absolutely Everyone (Even The Postman)

I remember linking to this short animated film a while back, and I repost it to mention that the author (Katy Towell) is self-publishing a book version of it. Her art style is sort of Tim Burton meets Jhonen Vasque and has cocktails with NeoVictorian. The film is deliciously creepy. If you’ve never seen it, […]

Wouldn’t you want one?

So, if you were a three year old boy…wouldn’t you think THIS was the coolest thing of all time, as Christmas presents go? I was looking at pedal cars, but I got distracted by pedal planes. Somehow, the pedal plane seems even cooler than the pedal roadster.

Visit the Arctic Refuge with Google Earth

The Sierra Club has done the coolest thing to showcase the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They’ve put all kinds of info together in a Google Maps presentation. Props on use of tech. Go here and you can download the entire package or just bits of the presentation. Once you’ve opened the files in GE, look […]

Children, Treasured Items…and why the twain should never meet….

So, I have a lot of stuffies. Not like scary amounts, because I got rid of most of the ones I’d been carting around since childhood, but I still have the ones that are super special…the one I got from my first boyfriend at our 3rd grade school carnival, the one my dad bought the […]