Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble….

Been soaping like a mad thing. Buncha big orders all at once. Yay! Plus, experiments and ordering stuff for customers. Yes, the Rice Flower and Shae fragrance is on it’s way. And Monoi oils, jojoba beads and some other goodies so I can make foaming bath butters. (I think I’m going to be dropping the liquid scrub from the product list until I have time to break out lab equipment and play with it some more. I’m not as happy with that product as I’d like to be.)

New on the drying rack: 

Good Morning Sunshine

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Citrusy goodness with essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Lemongrass, and Tangerine. This is citrus
Whipped Sugar Bars

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These are test batches of an Orange Vanilla sugar bar
(rectangle) and a Spiced Orange whipped bar with ground cloves and ginger
(trapezoid).  The Spiced Orange is amazing.  It’s coconut, palm,
olive oil bar scented with Orange essential oil, clove essential oil, and
peppered with ground spices. 
New Dome Molds

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This is an example of the Orange Vanilla bar I hot processed
in my new dome molds that I’ll be using for small batches and custom
orders.  Thanks much to gracefruit for the tips on those. 
Coffee bar

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One of the logs of the coffee bars I’m making this

Have to get a sample box and pricing quote done, the house is a total disaster, the toddler is demonstrating the meaning of “Terrible Twos”, my coffee is cold…but gosh darn it, I have pretty soap. :)

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