Monthly Archives: December 2005

Tis The Season…Happy Day, everyone

The House of Felons

As you may all be aware, the New York Times has reported, and the administration has admitted, that President of the United States apparently ordered the NSA to conduct surveillance operations against US citizens without prior permission of the secret court known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (the “FISC”). This is in clear contravention […]

I have the lust…

So, my coffeemaker is dying, and I’m looking around opinion sites to decide if I’m going to upgrade to a “real” coffeemaker instead of these disposable ones I seem to replace every year, and as always I got distracted looking at vacuumed coffee makers. Because they are so very cool. And I’ve wanted one for […]

Tacky Marketing Reminder

Just a reminder that anyone who wants to get Soapy Hollow stuff before christmas/hanukkah/yule/solstice/saturnalia/etc., will need to get an order in today. Monday morning is the last shipment that the post office will guarantee to arrive by the 23rd. Start the New Year clean! (I was going to do a “scrub your sins” away joke…but […]

Sniff…sniff…hey, is that me?

I sold out of sandalwood last night, so I made another batch. Now, this fragrance is pretty tricky in soap to start, and then when you add vanilla to it, you’re just asking for your soap to seize…so, I’ve learned to work very quickly to get this soap in the mold before I have giant […]