Sniff…sniff…hey, is that me?

I sold out of sandalwood last night, so I made another batch. Now, this fragrance is pretty tricky in soap to start, and then when you add vanilla to it, you’re just asking for your soap to seize…so, I’ve learned to work very quickly to get this soap in the mold before I have giant block o’ soap on a stick. (By the same token, this soap makes a prime candidate for OP, and can cure in less than a week if managed correctly, so there’s that.)

Anyway…I plop The Boy in his chair, give him some clay and cookie cutters and get started. I add the NaOH to the oils (coconut, palm, castor and olive) which I measured earlier, start stirring, keep stirring while I reach for the scenting oils, add the sandalwood and it hit trace in seconds….just zoooooop! Eeek! So, I quickly add the vanilla and using my superhuman strength, manage to keep the batch alive and flowing long enough to get it into the mold. (Which had to be banged very hard against the counter to get the soap to level off.)

At some stage during this “OMG! NOOOOES!” I splashed sandalwood and vanilla on me somewhere, and I cannot find it. I feel like an idiot sniffing all over my clothes. But I swear to you, it’s causing Austin flashbacks. I keep feeling like I should be sitting in a circle with a bunch of wannabe philosophers discussing the merits of the argument that we may all be molecules on some guy’s hand. (See also, tree falling – noise inherent therein and the eternal question, “hey, do you have any cheetos?”.)

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