I have the lust…

So, my coffeemaker is dying, and I’m looking around opinion sites to decide if I’m going to upgrade to a “real” coffeemaker instead of these disposable ones I seem to replace every year, and as always I got distracted looking at vacuumed coffee makers. Because they are so very cool. And I’ve wanted one for a while. They make such better coffee than drip or perc. Even better than french press.

And then, I found these guys. Who have made vacuum coffee makers into an art. And in some cases, have set my mad scientist heart aflutter. For even though I don’t have room for one of those electrical jacob’s ladder things that go “BZZZZT”, one of those is almost as cool. (Not that I have the room, or the lifestyle for stuff like that mind you. Seriously, it wouldn’t last a week…but damn that’s cool.

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