Monthly Archives: January 2006

Conversations with a Junior Playa

Me: Come on sweetie, we have to put your shoes on to go to the library. Boy: Is Myria going to be there? Me: Yes, I just talked to her mommy and they are on their way. Boy: Good. I love My My. She’s my best girlfriend. I love her best of all. Me: Your […]

A little help from my friends…

Thank you to everyone for the notes, the calls and the energy about Poca. I’m sorry for not responding to each one individually, but so many of my friends have been so great. A huge, thank you to Bridgette for coming to take The Boy away from the vet’s office so that I had the […]

Goodnight Sweet Poca, wherever you are…

Love Bunny of Doom 1986 – 2006

Random babbles

: Poca is not doing very well. I can’t get her to eat. I can’t get her to wear a “kitty sweater”. Apparently all other bodily functions are seeming a bit of a chore to her. She’s almost skeletal, it’s just awful. I’m very concerned. If I can’t tempt her with people tuna, fresh baked […]

Poor old Poca…

I have two cats that are about 20 years old. One of them is affectionately known as Pocahantas, The Love Bunny of Doom. She has the longest, whitest, persian like hair. For many years, we’ve have cleaned up furballs the size of small gerbils. Recently, she’s stopped cleaning her fur, and even with me brushing […]