Taxes, (Or things that make you go Eeep in the night)

If Federal taxes were as simple as Texas sales tax, I’d be a happier taxpayer. Texas sales tax is pretty simple. “How much did you sell?” “How much of that was in Texas?” “Give us 8.25%.”

Seriously, the prep took hours…to get all the numbers and whatnot, since PayPal is THE SUCK and still hasn’t fixed their reporting bug, so I had to do everything by hand, but once I had the numbers, I was able to go to the online site, plug in said numbers, pay with an e-check and be done. 5-10 minutes, tops. Yay, efficient use of online state resources.

Ms. Strayhorn may be bugfuck insane and responsible for breeding Scott McClellan, the worst press secretary of any remembered presidency…including Nixon…but at least under her watch they got the Internet used correctly for Texas taxpayers…so, that’s nice.

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