Weirdness on the Lone Prairie

So…we found half a cat in our back yard.

The back half.

The front half seems to have gone missing altogether.

I find this disturbing, which ya know, I think is a rational response. I love cats. I’ve had cats most of my life, and have two that are looking at a tuna laden 20th birthday celebration, so seeing the dog trot up with half a cat is freaky. (She hadn’t chewed on it, she was just carrying it around like a toy…eeeeewwwwh *shudder*) My dog doesn’t chase cats. She’s had cat overlords since she was a puppy, and she even has her very own cat that sleeps with her and washes her face.

The cat didn’t die from a dog or other animal.I’ve seen dogs kill rats, so I’m well aware of what dog bites look like, especially on small animals. Whatever caused the demise of the cat created a very clean, very straight line of demarcation. As though the cat may have been cut in half by a saw, or a machete, or something.

So, that’s creepy.

And then, whomever did that to the cat, then threw half the cat into our yard. Maybe they were trying to throw him in the pond behind our house and just overshot, and then were afraid to try and get it out of a fence containing an 80 pound dog. If that’s the case, it would explain why there isn’t a front half.

I’m fairly disturbed, because anyone that could so something like that to an animal that was a sweet as this particular cat was (assuming I’m correct in identifying the cat), is a fucking lunatic and shouldn’t be allowed near …I dunno…anyone, but certainly not near my kid.

My vet’s assistant recommended that we not call animal control, because my dog’s rabies vaccine is overdue and her license is expired, and since the dog found the cat, the city is likely to take the dog in…and since chows are a restricted breed, we may not get her back. And I love my dog, and I know she didn’t do anything to the cat. And I know the cat had shots, and a recent rabies vaccine, so I’m not too worried about the dog catching something because she brought me the dead thing she found in her yard. (We’re still taking her to the vet this week.)

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe my weird factor goes to 11, but this has me very, very uncomfortable…it’s just too “beginning of horror movie, when you yell at the screen for the moron to Get Out of the House”. And I have no idea what to tell the people to whom the cat belongs, without them demanding that my dog get put down for being a cat killer…when I know she had nothing to do with it.

Update: Not a cat. Wild Jackrabbit. (I guess I would have known that if I’d flipped it over, rather than just covering it with a bag and picking it up that way.) Animal control suspects it was killed by a bobcat. Who knew I had bobcats in the back yard?

In other notes: Home Depot – Major, abyss-like, sucking. It should be their new motto. “Home Depot: We suck like a crack whore at a truck stop.”

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