The Suckage of PP, The Insanity of Housewives, and a Job Posting for CS folks.

So, I did my taxes after having to reconcile all of my PayPal stuff by hand, since their reporting function isn’t working. For the 3rd time, they’ve told me that my computer is “blocked because it’s a different computer”. Um…no, no it isn’t. I’ve had the same computer for 3.5 years…I have a hard line fiber network (which is like sitting on 5 T3’s), nothing in my configuration has changed. Don’t lie to me like I’m Montel Williams. Admit your shit is broken, and fix it! But that’s not the worst part…the worst part is that I couldn’t get numbers to come out right…and I finally figured out why…

PayPal charges their fees on sales tax and shipping. So…because shipping isn’t a profit center for me, in that I generally charge what I get charged by the Post Office, plus the cost of shipping materials, and sales tax certainly isn’t a profit center, in that I have to give the state any sales tax I collect, or they send big guys named Bubba to rough up my cats…I’m actually losing money on both of those items…in effect, I’m paying 11.25% sales tax on any Texas order I process. I’m not sure it’s legal for PayPal to charge a fee for sales tax, but I’m going to call the state Comptroller this afternoon and have a little discussion with them about it. Grrrrr.

In house news: I’ve apparently lost my mind. I’m having a massive cleaning fit. And not just your normal, wave the dust rag at things, turn on the Roomba and call it done…I’ve pulled shit off the mantle and shelves, I’ve got a pile of things stacked up on the dining room table waiting to be dusted, I’ve been climbing ladders to wash windows and dust the blinds that are 15 feet off the floor. Something is seriously wrong with me. I don’t do windows. I washed candles. Nobody washes candles. Help me before I do something really crazy like polish the floor with a toothbrush!

In Employment News: There is a company in Addison that needs someone to head up their customer service division. The company is a start up, with a great potential market, solid business plan, super groovy people who work there, and a captive venture angel. They are looking for someone who has managerial experience, customer service experience, familiarity with computers and the ability to learn new software. Degree helpful, but not mandatory. Report writing, technical writing, creative writing…all valuable skills for this position. Position requires a lot of face time, both with customers and with other company employees. Must not be shy. Must be well spoken, very literate, and give a great first impression. Pay consimerate with experience, and I would consider it equitable for the area. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to forward your resume to me, and I will forward them along. The person doesn’t have to be local, but relocation benefits will not be provided. This same company is also looking for a part time Sys-Admin with Network and SQL experience, but that position may be filled…I’ll know this afternoon. (No, I’m not a recruiter, I’m not making any money by filling these positions. My husband is the head of programming and IT there, and some of the other people are old Audionet/ colleagues. I’m just putting the word out as both a favor to them, and potential favor to my LJ buds and their friends.)

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