Poor old Poca…

I have two cats that are about 20 years old. One of them is affectionately known as Pocahantas, The Love Bunny of Doom. She has the longest, whitest, persian like hair. For many years, we’ve have cleaned up furballs the size of small gerbils. Recently, she’s stopped cleaning her fur, and even with me brushing it all the time, and clipping the knots out when I could, her hair started to get matted underneat the top coat. She started pulling it out, and because she’s so old, and has skin like tissue paper, it only took a day or two for us all to decide that something had to be done.

So, while The Boy and The Man went off to work at The Man’s office, Poca and I started off on the 30 minute howling festival of fun that is the car ride to the vet. (Because he’s been our vet for 13 years…that’s why I’ll drive to another town to see him.) Much lab work later, the vet informs me that the reason I couldn’t get her trimmed is because she’ll have to be sedated…and shaved.

Me: “You want to shave my cat?”
Him: “It’s the only way that we can get all these snarls off of her skin, and those have to hurt.”
Me: “Yeah, ok…but…shaving? The other cats will laugh at her.”
Him: “I’m not making her wear a cone…so, she’s got that going for her.”

Later; when we pick up poor old Poca, she’s been knocked out, shaved, had her teeth cleaned, had her nails done…and bore a striking resemblance to a poodle.

Me: “Uh…you guys know this is a cat, right?”
Nurse: “Of course. Why do you ask?”
Me: “Well, I find myself wondering why my cat has a poofy ball at the end of her tail, and poofy balls around her ankles, and a big poofy head…and a bald everything else. I mean, maybe it’s just me…but she looks like a poodle.”
Nurse: It’s a “Lion Cut”.
Me: “Ah. Of course it is.”
Nurse: “We didn’t charge you for the pedicure.”
Me: “Well…alrighty then.”

For the record, nothing is more pathetic than a 20 year old, shaved, 4 pound cat with a “lion cut”. It’s so sad. Poor old Poca. I do so love my (Not so) Fluffy Love Bunny of Doom.

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