Random babbles

: Poca is not doing very well. I can’t get her to eat. I can’t get her to wear a “kitty sweater”. Apparently all other bodily functions are seeming a bit of a chore to her. She’s almost skeletal, it’s just awful. I’m very concerned. If I can’t tempt her with people tuna, fresh baked chicken run through the food processor with some milk, or baby food tonight, I’ll have to chance taking her back to the vet tomorrow. I’m worried about the ride, because she freaks out so much, but I don’t know what else to do.

In lighter fare: The quest for the perfect bra is still ongoing, and I’m looking through a major brand catalog when I see a bra that looks pretty stylish, comfortable and sexy. Their extra large size… a C cup. Good grief.

The Boy and I are sick again…or still…I dunno. I’ve been sick since Xmas it seems. It grows tiresome. I’m sure I keep getting infected by the other germ laden disease monkeys…but people get so mad when you spritz them with lysol. When I’m dictator, regular hand washing will be mandatory, I mean it.

Today, the Boy looked at one of my neckaces hanging from a shelf in my bathroom and asked to wear it. When I said no, he said, “can I just borrow it for 20 years?” I laughed…and said no. He then said, “Can you say Yes, now?”. Hee.

We made bread this morning. While it was baking the Boy said “I was a baker man, but I forgot to mark it with a T”. When I cut a piece for his lunch, I made a T with peanut butter. He approved, but said next time, he’d like to use crayon, because he prefers blue T’s. He’s a hoot.

And now we’re off to make pesto, because the Jurassic Basil Plant of Dooooom has started taking hostages, and there’s only one way to rein in an agressive basil…Pesto. Thank god for olive oil…it’s the only thing that keeps us safe from the plants.

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